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Chess Puzzle Server

The most effective way to improve your chess skill is to practice solving chess puzzles quickly and accurately.

The chess puzzles served here are from real games. They are served to you the same way you may find similar positions over the board.

The chess puzzles served here allow you to experience combinations from both the winning and losing perspective. We do not "flip the board" so you can learn to recognize winning combinations, and avoid losing positions. In addition, you won't have to wonder which way the pawns are moving, because white is always at the bottom of the board.

The skill level of most of the puzzle categories range from easy to hard, just like real positions in real games. (Note that we provide an Easy category for novice player.) The puzzles are served to you in categories designed to help you improve specific chess skills.

This chess puzzle server does not allow you to move the pieces, and then resets them automatically when you fail. Real games are played with the touch move rule. You are expected to find the correct combination, and then verify your thinking by advancing the move. Learn to get it right the first time, just like in a real game.

This chess puzzle server will often provide solutions that go beyond achieving a won position. These additional moves are provided to show novice players how to prosecute a complex winning position.

You can view these chess puzzles on phone, tablet, and computer monitors equally well. Enjoy.

Decisive Tactics

What is a Tactical Combination?

A chess combination or tactic is a thread of moves that begins with a sacrifice and ends with a positive result. The positive result is usually a decisive material advantage, but can also be a decisive positional advantage. The Encyclopedia of Chess Middlegames categorizes chess combinations in 16 types. You can find examples of all these types of combinations served here:

The combination is the heart of chess.

A. Alekhine